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I am an ex-Barclays retired banker turned amateur website designer. In a second life I designed and promoted the sale of snooker and pool tables, amongst other voluntary interests.

I am also a life-long supporter of the centrist principles of the British Labour party and I have been a member of what is now Unite for over 50 years. I was born in Hull and live in  Hampshire. I also write letters to national newspapers


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Research Marketing:

Dip. MRS [Market Research Society] MIM [Member Institute of Marketing]


Further Education Teaching Certificate [Business Studies and Communications].


25 years retail bank management [Barclays-retired]


Website delivery [external links]

Nutrition monitoring


Billiards Cooperative

www.matchbilliards.co.uk | www.matchsnooker.co.uk

 Labour party politics

www.annblack.com | www.Labourcounts.com | www.Labourlink.com | www.clicklabour.com | Labourbility and disability access

Housesparrows project


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