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Retired: Retail Banking

Research Marketing: Dip.MRS [Market Research]

Teaching: Cert Ed.[Business Studies. UCNL]

Commercial: UK Billiards Marketing [lapsed voluntary]


Activities: main website delivery 2000-2020

www.Matchbilliards.co.uk (lapsed cooperative)

www.Foodcounts.com (ongoing research)

www.Labourcounts.com (current politics)

I have also written to national newspapers on public affairs.

See also Notes on Linguistics

See also work on Labourbility (disability access)


Policy of this website

This a non-commercial, non-interactive site. There are no cookies placed. It is not anticipated that readers should respond directly from this site. The site serves as an on-line record of work and projects undertaken by the author alongside others. Whilst it is occasionally updated, it serves primarily as an historic and continued record since the year 2000. The site still continues to use the same basic web-design tools available at the time. Even so, most of the content ought still to be readable on most modern devices. It observes the principle of: "What counts is what works".

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