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sat is code green / maps to sit / selected meaning no 3


sat Past tense of sit Past participle of sit       


sit [sit] verb (3rd person present singular sits, present participle sitting, past sat, past participle sat [sat])


1.   intransitive verb rest with weight on buttocks: to assume a position of rest in which the weight is largely supported by the buttocks, usually with the body vertical and the thighs horizontal • Where would you like to sit?


2.   transitive verb place in seat: to place somebody or yourself in a seat or a sitting position • They sat us down to hear the whole story.


3.   intransitive verb rest body on hindquarters: to rest the body with the weight supported by the lowered hindquarters (refers to four-legged animals) • The hound sat in the corner, looking strangely thoughtful


4.   intransitive verb perch, roost, or cover eggs: to perch, roost, or cover and warm eggs for hatching • A falcon sat on the telephone wire, staring down at us.


5.   intransitive verb POLITICS LAW exercise authority: to occupy a position of authority while deciding or legislating something • The legislature sat through the night.


6.   intransitive verb ARTS PHOTOGRAPHY pose for something: to pose for a portrait or picture • He sat for the country’s best-known photographer.


7.   intransitive and transitive verb EDUCATION take exam: to take an examination for something • She sat her finals last week.


8.   intransitive verb be idle: to be or remain idle • They just sit around and do nothing.


9.   intransitive verb be placed or situated: to be located or positioned somewhere • The dinner dishes were still sitting on the table.


10.  intransitive verb CLOTHES fit or hang: to fit or hang on somebody in a specified way • The gown sat beautifully on the model.


11.  intransitive verb be in specified way: to rest, weigh, or lie as specified • Authority sits lightly on his shoulders.


12.  intransitive verb be taken as specified: to be accepted or considered in the way specified • The news didn’t sit well with me.


13.  intransitive verb baby-sit: to baby-sit (informal)


14.  intransitive verb set in specified direction: to be in a specified direction (archaic) • The wind sat in the east.


15.  transitive verb have seating space for: to have seats or seating space for a specified number of people • We can sit 10 around the dining table.


16.  intransitive verb be digestible: to be digestible (informal) • The heavy meal didn’t sit well with me.


17.  transitive verb be astride something: to keep astride of a horse or similar animal • She sat her gelding with great poise.