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mat is code green / selected meaning no 1

mat [mat] noun (plural mats)

1. Piece of carpet: flat material placed on a floor for decoration or protection or for wiping the feet

2. Piece of padded material: a piece of padded material placed on the floor for use in some sports and activities, for example to absorb the impact of falling in judo

3. Protective cover: a piece of fabric or board that protects tables and other surfaces from damage by heat or scratching, for example placed under hot dinner plates or ornaments

4. Thick mass: any thick or interwoven mass, for example a tangle of hair

 intransitive and transitive verb (3rd person present singular mats, present participle matting, past matted, past participle matted)

1. To make something into or become a thick tangled mass

 [Pre-12th century. From Latin matta, of uncertain origin: probably from a Phoenician word.]