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"Word-code" is a system3 of categories1 of meaning1.It removes4 ambiguity2 and misunderstanding1 in human1 information5 interchangen1, and encourages3 precision1 in text10 presentation2.There is very little consensus1 amongst dictionaries1 as to the sequence7 of meaning1 and no overall consensus1 as to the prime2 meaning1.This form14 of object9 code2 can also simplify1 automatic1 communications1.

Word-code is a text retrieval option for compatible WP applications

         common word / few meanings / ambiguities unlikely
         common word / many meanings / consensus on prime meaning / ambiguities possible
         common word / many meanings / no consensus on prime meaning / ambiguities likely
         common word / many meanings / includes specialist meaning / ambiguities likely
         uncommon word / ambiguities likely

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