Letter No 8d by Mike Allott: back to directory

26 May 2004


Mainstream Cooperation

You point out that the Co-op is now demonstrating commercial success through adaptability. Perhaps the political success of the movement deserves to be similarly highlighted.

There are only 30 MPs representing the coop movement, but the Co-operative party has had the greatest influence on the new governing principles of modern Labour: the commitment to a social market and social enterprise. The new emphasis on community. And most important, the reliance on mutuality as the new practical politics. These are all Co-op principles. They all featured in Labour's clause four, and have all figured in New Labour's policies.

It's also significant that there are now more members of the Co-op than there are members of trade unions. Who knows, perhaps the co-op can be the New Socialism?

Mike Allott
Eastleigh, Hants