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4 Nov 2003


Cause and effects of postal dispute

The cause of "present unrest in the Post Office" (letter, November 1) is a direct result of a failure to modernise. The method of distributing mail has remained unaltered for over a century: prepaid stamps, postbox collection, overnight sorting and manual delivery.

A monopoly system that equalises its price regardless of distance is one that is ripe for cherry-picking; and one that is also surely as ready to be consigned to the dustbin of history as was the name Consignia.

This is ironic for an institutional brand that, through innovation, has transformed modern communications. This tidal wave of change the leaders of the Communications Workers Union, in their alliance with the awkward squad, are trying valiantly through political means to reverse.

Lateral thinkers, though, have already worked out how the unique asset of a national infrastructure of delivery directly to households and businesses can be effectively exploited. Surely it is the role of new unionism to be partners in this economic change, and leave politicians and the electorate to resolve the big picture?

Yours sincerely,

Mike Allott
Chandlers Ford