Letter  No 13b by Mike Allott: back to directory

April 27 2005


Misgivings over the election process

In my view new Labour is fully entitled to display an image that depicts the distress caused through unemployment (Mr Michael Hughes’s letter, April 23).

It may be “the political manipulation of fear”, but the messages communicated by modern electioneering have to be tailored to the medium. A billboard poster can only speak for a passing moment.

Mr Hughes would prefer an image of “passion and dreams”, but the policies that ended the nightmare of unemployment came out of the passion and dreams of real politicians.

Mr Hughes will be bombarded by many more messages over the next week or so, some more palatable than others. Time will tell whether any deliver on making the “world a better place”.

But in the meantime the odd shock of reality is not likely to do us much harm.

Yours faithfully,
Eastleigh, Hampshire