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remove verb (3rd person present singular removes, present participle removing, past removed, past participle removed)

1. transitive verb take something away: to take something away from somebody or from a place

2. intransitive and transitive verb relocate: to transfer somebody or something to another place, or change a place of residence

3. transitive verb take something off: to take off an article of clothing

4. transitive verb get rid of something: to make something go away or disappear  a detergent that can remove stains even more quickly

5. transitive verb HUMAN RESOURCES dismiss somebody: to dismiss somebody from office


noun (plural removes)

1. distance: the degree of distance or closeness between people or things  He has only experienced war at one remove.

2. EDUCATION class: a class or form in some British secondary schools, especially public schools (dated)

3. change of location: a change of residence or business (formal)


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