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prime adjective

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first in importance: of the greatest importance or the highest rank


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1. best: of the highest quality • prime grade beef

2. first in importance: of the greatest importance or the highest rank

3. earliest: earliest in time or sequence

4. MATHEMATICS not divisible without remainder: used to describe a number that can be divided without a remainder only by one and itself

5. MATHEMATICS being without common factors: used to describe a number that has no common factors with another number • 15 is prime to 8.

noun (plural primes)

1. best stage of something: the best state or stage of something, especially the most active and enjoyable period in adult life • In his prime, he was one of the country’s best tennis players.

2. earliest period of something: the earliest part of something, for example the early hours of daylight or the first season of the year

3. distinguishing mark: a mark (′) added to a number, character, or expression in order to distinguish it from another, or as the symbol for measurement in feet

4. FENCING first parrying position: the first of the eight parrying positions in fencing

5. MUSIC first note in musical scale: the first note of a musical scale

6. MUSIC See unison

7. CHRISTIANITY second canonical hour: the second of the seven canonical hours assigned to morning prayer at the first hour of the day

8. MATHEMATICS See prime number

9. FINANCE See prime rate

verb (3rd person present singular primes, present participle priming, past primed, past participle primed)

2. transitive verb prepare surface for painting: to prepare a surface for painting or a similar process by treating it with a sealant or an undercoat of paint

3. transitive verb put charge in gun: to make a firearm ready for use by putting a charge in it

4. transitive verb provide explosive with fuse: to make an explosive ready for use by inserting a fuse

5. transitive verb prepare pump: to put liquid in a pump in order to get it started

6. transitive verb put fuel into carburettor: to put fuel into a carburettor in order to start an internal-combustion engine

7. transitive verb brief somebody: to give somebody, especially a witness in a court case, information or instructions on how to behave or answer questions

8. transitive verb ply somebody with drink: to provide somebody with large quantities of alcohol in order to prepare him or her for doing something

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