presentation  (plural presentations) noun

1. act of presenting something: an act of presenting something or the state of being presented

2. way something appears when offered: the manner in which something is shown, expressed, or laid out for other people to see • Presentation is an important part of the chef’s job.

3. prepared report read before audience: a formal talk made to a group of people, for example on somebody’s recent work or some aspect of business, often with handouts, diagrams, or other visual aids • He gave a presentation on modern irrigation methods.

4. prepared performance for audience: a performance, exhibition, or demonstration put on before an audience

5. formal handing-over of gift: the action of presenting somebody with an award or a token of appreciation in front of other people, or an occasion when this is done • the presentation of the trophy

6. MEDICINE part of baby appearing first: the part of a baby that appears first at birth, normally the crown of the head • a breech presentation

7. somebody’s introduction into special social group: an occasion when somebody is first presented at court or into society, or the official or recognized process of first presenting somebody in this way

8. CHRISTIANITY act of nominating clergy member: the act or power of nominating a member of the clergy to a particular paid office in a church

9. object of perception: something that is perceived, remembered, or acquired as knowledge


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