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English is the world's most versatile natural language. Many single words have now  acquired a range of different meanings. English has also become accepted as the international language of science and commerce, with many more words being created or adapted for specialist usage.

de-cipher is being designed to allow complex or potentially ambiguous text to be pre-edited so that the precise meaning of technical, specialist or ambiguous words can be understood by a wider audience.

We believe this will be of particular benefit to those who are not fluent in English. We also believe that all official or corporate documents published on the internet could be edited using  de-cipher This will allow full open-access and better understanding.

The following pages lead through to a simulation of the decipher system

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De-cipher is part of the Word-code system

It is drawn from the short introduction: Ambiguity and Metagraphemics.

They all represent a work in progress Mike Allott and Corporata Ltd 2001-2013