WORD-MEANING CODE  - All headwords listed in dictionary will be encoded as shown.

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 meaning variation of headword


 01  single meaning  many words
 02[n]  polysemy  most words
 03[n]  homonym and homograph  cue[2] mean[3] pat [3]
 04[n]  homomorph  eating[3] reach[2] out [5]
 05  uppercase meaning  SALT,  Bible, English
 06  abbreviation meaning  etc cat cal
 08  specialist meaning  boot [comput] map [maths]
 09[n]  linked-word meaning  sit-in, self-reliance
 10[n]  phrase/idiom   clock golf, catch 22, in the pink
 12  usage warning  they, aggravate
 13  foreign word  figurant
 14  common word  800 [v] most common words
 15  uncommon word  3000 [v]next most common
 16  rare word  all other words
 17  consensus on prime meaning  most words [from 1st 10000]
new word processing software will then match given words to dictionary words to interrogate word-meaning 
"dict.HW." = dictionary headword