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13 August 2014

Iraq and the consequences of turning non-intervention into a principle

Those armchair strategists who see the horrors in Northern Iraq as “the blowback from US intervention in Iraq and the Middle East in general”, and in particular blame “Messrs Bush and Blair”, display a disproportionate response.

Surely only extreme pacifists and anti-Americans would deny just cause for the current military intervention (Letters, 11 August).

And to suggest that “western reporting has been alarmist” also suggests the western media cannot be relied upon when ordinary members of the public form their own judgment. For most of us, America is the beacon for democracy, freedom and liberal values.

However, no democratic system can guarantee to throw up leaders with perfect judgement. If and when military mistakes are made in good faith, such mistakes should not be allowed to feed the forces of evil: whether they revitalise Saddam, or sustain those who have inherited his same capacity for inhumanity, the consequence is not good.

Mike Allott
Chandlers Ford, Hampshire


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• The Guardian, 13 August 2014